Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LaBella Ukulele Strings

Variety in strings is a wonderful thing. Often times a fresh set of strings helps a ukulele come to life, especially when they are quality strings. LaBella has been making ukulele strings for a while but have honed their skill improving and making some wonderful sets. Their Uke Pro Series line are a notable offering. They tend to add warmth and clarity to many ukuleles. The strings are rectified nylon giving consistent quality and tonal clarity. This isn't an inexpensive process as the strings are ground to give precise diameter. The process also gives a little texture to the strings and a cloudy appearance. The texture gives your fingers a little grip when playing and reminds us of real gut string texture. This process is done on LaBella's well respected Argento classical strings as well.

LaBella has quite a pedigree. The company has roots that date back to Italy in the 17th century. Established in the 1640's in Salle, the Mari family became of the suppliers of violin strings to both Amati and Stradivari in Cremona. In the early part of the 20th century some of the family emigrated to the US and now make their strings in New York. The company is still owned by the Mari family who continue to carry on the craft of making fine strings in over 2000 varieties.

Uke Republic carries all the LaBella Ukulele sets along with Tiple, Guitar and Hawaiian steel guitar.
LaBella also makes an amazing flat wound low G from a bronze alloy that we are fond of. Rich lows that add interest to ones playing.
Take the opportunity to try LaBella strings, we think you'll enjoy.

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