Thursday, May 1, 2014

Long Neck, Small Body, Narrow waist

What on earth am I speaking of? Super soprano ukuleles of course!
You may ask what is a super soprano ukulele? Well, basically it is a concert scale married to a soprano body. Some also put tenor necks with soprano bodies as well. Oh and then there is a tenor neck on a concert body but that's for another post.
Long Neck Soprano Ukuleles - UKE Republic
Kala Spruce Mahogany Long Neck Soprano

Okay, so what might be the advantage of the super soprano ukulele? For one you get to keep the soprano sound but have the room and additional frets of a concert. The feel and balance on many of the brands feels quite nice to. The portability of a soprano is still there. Now anyone who loves the tonal characteristics of soprano ukulele but felt the fingerboard a little cramped can get on playing one.
If you already play a super soprano or if perhaps it may be your first, you will be happy to know that there plenty of combinations to choose from!

 Ohana SK-30L Super Soprano Ukulele

There are more and more ukulele makers doing this combination. To name a few - Mainland makes a soprano pineapple body in solid mahogany and solid cedar with a solid rosewood back and sides and a concert scale. aNueNue makes a mahogany and koa super soprano (comes with a really nice bag too). Kala has mahogany, koa and a solid spruce top super sopranos. Sailor Brand Ukulele offer several combinations in tonewood for a super soprano and even custom orders. Kelii offers solid mahogany, solid koa and a solid koa top with a solid mahogany back and sides super sopranos. Ohana has a solid mahogany tenor scale super soprano and The Magic Fluke Company offers their Flea with either soprano, concert or tenor scale and what a variety of combinations they have.
Long Neck Soprano Ukuleles - UKE Republic
Kelii Bronze Series Solid Mahogany Long Neck Soprano

Long Neck Soprano Ukulele - UKE Republic
Mainland Solid Mahogany Pineapple Long Neck Soprano

Long Neck Soprano Ukulele - Uke Republic
The Magic Fluke Co. Concert Scale Flea in Red Hibiscus

Uke Republic has a great variety of quality super soprano ukuleles setup and available for you!
You can find them here:

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